Mass Murder of Millions Goes Undetected by most

Each year, Each month, Each day, the lives of innocent people are taken, they are ripped from the Earth, their lives taken with out a choice of their own, but don’t play into the mass medias lies, their lives aren’t a ball of sunshine from the day they step foot onto this green Earth we call home, no, the lives that these innocent people lead are torturous, with little living space, in fact almost no living space, they go each day with almost no food, water, nor attention or the medical treatment they need, and on top of all of these cruel things they are also beaten in unimaginable ways, things that we would never stand for if we knew the truth, things so inhuman they can’t be true. But who are we to define what is human, aren’t we the ones doing these torturous acts of cruelty and barbaric rituals are we not the ones that invented them?


Imagine getting your head  stuck under water, that’s pretty bothersome in its self, now imagine that water has electricity running through it, your body being shocked with volts your body can not take, but this doesn’t kill you as it’s suppose to, it only stuns you, so you move on to get your head skinned, and hairs removed from your bodies while still alive, every blade and every drop of boiling water is felt, but there is nothing you can do, because you are rendered powerless against your own body, this is only the adults though, children have just an awful as fate as the elders do. Children if rendered useless are thrown out, put in the garbage, or sold for other uses. Now, you have pesky parts on you that could do harm to the people that are keeping you hostage,pealing off your skin, and hairs, and boiling you alive, so you get anything that could do harm to these people cut off, with out any anesthesia, pain medication, or antibiotics leaving you with infections, and illness of all sorts.


Let’s move on to another gruesome tale of mass murder that is happening right in front of us. We are born and meant to spend a great part of our life with our families, but here in these camps of murder and genocide you are taken from the womb, your mother screaming for you, thrashing and kicking, and you will never see her again. You are raised in packed, closed in spaces, fed steroids, chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and the list continues until you are full grown, once you are of age you are packed into a truck with as many more young people as they can fit into the confined space  for a long, grueling journey. Unprotected from the elements many become frozen to the sides of the trucks, and there are no toilets to relieve yourself so the area is filled with feces and urine, which come with their own problems. Once upon arrival you are ripped from the truck, weather you are stuck or not, sometimes taking skin and hair with it, you are then forced to stand in a line, other people thrashing about, pure panic depicted from the person standing in front of you, as you near closer and closer you can see the person go in, and then their lifeless body fall to the ground, stunned, or killed, but either way torture in its self.



If you think this sounds terrible, that we are treating other humans like this, that no creature deserves this, well now read it again, replacing every time I say ‘human’ or any word of that nature with ‘animal’ such as cows, chickens, pigs, horses, and so on, we cringe at the thought of mass murder with in our own species, when it happens behind closed factory doors every day. We eat he rotting flesh of misery, and fear, of unhealthy animals that are treated as only food for our over fed society, it doesn’t stop at meat though, dairy cows are milked dry, and as any normal creature only produce milk after giving birth, therefore they are constantly pregnant, until the day they die, each time their babies being ripped away from them. Pigs are said to be smarter than a three year old human, at that age in development we can feel, think, talk, remember, have friendships, love our family, play and fight and be mischievous. Why is it that our species is better than any other, how are we at all compared to these innocent animals when they live their lives, they don’t start wars, they don’t have poverty, or corrupt corporations, they don’t have murder, and thievery. We could take a note from animals, we could learn and become better as a species if we were just to observe. Not to mention the health side of it all, the animals are fed hormones to make them grow larger, and we are putting those into our body, those fatty, acidic, chemicals that are used to make animals fat, and we wonder why the most common cause of death is obesity, we wonder why our nations are getting fatter, lazier and less intellegent, the only way to stop something is to take a stand, there is no difference between humans being murdered and animals being murdered.


“Music” today

Now, let me first start off saying that not all music of todays generation is the gunk we wipe off of the bottom of our shoes, there are some good artists, that take pride in their practice. unfortunately though mainstream music today is almost all garbage with references to sex, drugs, and partying.

As I sat and listened to my music earlier today, ‘I got you babe’ came on, a terrifying thought dripped into my mind at the sound of this beautiful song that has been with me my whole life, as it’s one of my parents favorite songs as a couple. When I am older, and have found my life long partner, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, like most couples I want a song that represents us as two people, but how am I meant to do that when the only music that plays today are ones that have no sentimental value, and are utter garbage to listen to. Where have the classic hits gone that tell a story of a man and a woman that are actually in love, not two people that just met and go and have a quicky at a club.

Obviously there is the hope that I will find someone with the same taste in music as me, hopefully even love songs of the 60’s, but that chance is pretty slim in today’s culture, making it hard for someone to enjoy real music to their friends or their significant other.

I so long for my generation to get there heads out of the music industries ass’s and realize what quality music actually sounds like, maybe we should have to blast it into their ears 24/7 on the radios, and play it on tv shows, and movies as they do with music today.

I want my future children to love old music (not the garbage that the youth of my time listen to today) but classics from the 80’s 70’s and 60’s hell, even from the 20’s and 30’s as some of my favorite music was made in those times. The cold hard truth is, that the music industry as given up on talent and are only looking for money.

Spring Breakers a Look Into the Movie

Spring Breakers is an edgy movie from the beginning, with bong smoking, fake guns filled with alcohol, and cocaine (not to mention the robbery.) Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson all have memorable roles for being innocent. Selena and Vanessa got their start on Disney channel which seems like a title that most stars want to run from once they hit an age of maturity, and wanting to be taken seriously, but I don’t think showing nude girls, cocaine, weed, drinking, robbery, and murder are ways to get this status (at least Selena kept her good girl rep. alive)

As I watched this movie, I couldn’t help but think ‘how fucking stupid are these girls’ I get wanting to “find yourself” and wanting to be “Somewhere new” but the first thing they think of is going to ragers that usually get busted, and not to mention how they got the money to afford something like spring break, don’t know? They robbed a fast food joint, showing the horrific acts as they go along, they use a toy gun and a hammer to scare the costumers of the small college town to give them their money, and then proceed to leave in their teachers stolen car, might I add they burn that later. 

I feel as if this movie’s sole intention was to ban spring break forever. If my-or any reasonable parents- saw this they would never let their children leave their rooms again! 

James Franco-the guy from spiderman I had a huge crush on might I add-plays the creepy drug dealer ‘Alien’ or Al. His first appearance is in the back of the courthouse as the girls are getting their sentencing for doing illegal drugs. His whole vibe is well, creepy from dreadlocks to his silver grill, there is nothing comforting in the appearance of this man. 

As the movie goes on, the girls get into deeper and deeper trouble, Rachel Korine, or better known as Cotty in this movie gets shot in the arm by Aliens old mentor, causing her to flee home-finally coming to her senses-the other girls stay behind, causing more havoc on innocent tourists who come to Florida for some peace and quiet. 

Over all, I believe this movie is showing how getting away is being privileged, getting the chance to go to school, live in nice houses, have families, and not have to fear for your life on a daily basis. Everyone should take this movie into account when thinking about their next set of exams coming up, hey, at least you don’t have a bullet in your arm!

Blue Valentine (one persons opinion)



The movie ‘Blue Valentine’ was a beautiful, accurate movie. This movie didn’t portray the simplicity of what we call “romance” movies today, it was blunt, and full forced in its message. This movie provided a real look into real adult relationships, maybe not everyone’s relationship, but I’m sure more people could relate to this than the oh so gorgeous Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook’ with it’s 1940’s themes, and southern bell tales. 

Ryan Gosling did a wonderful job-as per usual-with his role, in the scenes that were more over flashbacks he came off as young and vibrant, someone who was just getting started with life, you then get to him middle aged, a hair line that looks a little too much like Nicolas Cage’s in ‘Raising Arizona.’ He’s lost some of that sparkle that the young him once held onto so dearly, he’s now a drinker, and works small jobs just to pay the bill of the small house he lives in with his daughter and wife. 

Through the movie you see the mistakes that were easily avoidable, the things they could have simply worked on instead of fighting about. 

I believe the movie’s simpler message was love is hard, but in a more complex light it was saying to work on love, because it isn’t always enough, the passion and fire can still be there if you know how to build your own fire, but if you’re stuck out in the wilderness and don’t know how to, there is only one fate that can come to someone. 

Michelle Williams also played her role brilliantly, doing the same with her younger role, and older middle aged role. Through the whole movie-in the parts that were present day-you could tell she wasn’t putting effort into the marriage, she had lost hope in it long ago.

Blue Valentine is a tear jerker if you don’t like seeing Ryan Gosling as an alcoholic who so desperately wants his marriage to work, or if you have a soft spot for relationships falling out, or perhaps if you can just connect with the idea of working on love instead of giving up.

This movie was amazingly directed, and the right actors were picked, it isn’t your typical romance movie, but one that shows what happens after the guy gets his girl.


Depression; From the Inside

Have you ever head a really bad day, a day where you don’t want to move, your body aches, and your mind is on over drive? Depression is like this, but having that bad day everyday, put on repeat, and everyone around you seems to be putting you down, laughing at your misery, or just doesn’t understand the pain that is aching from deep with in you. 

In one of my classes Freshman year I had a close friend, she never seemed to show any signs of being the slightest bit sad, she was outgoing, and just a lovely person over all, she always had a smile on her face and a joke to tell. I remember walking into my morning seminar and my teacher was crying-a teacher my friend and I shared-I had asked her what was wrong, when she replied with a simple “please sit down” I did as I was told and took a seat where I usually sat next to my friend, the morning bell eventually went off, and she was still not in her usual seat next to me, eventually my teacher pulled herself together and stood in front of the class, read eyes on display, and a tissue held tightly in her hand. That morning my teacher told me that my friend had been suffering from severe depression and she had passed away the previous night, it came as such a shock to me, as she seemed so happy and well, normal.

Depression affects an estimated 1 out of 10 people in the us alone, depression can keep you from work, school, and just overall happiness. Depression seems to be more present in today’s society, with teens, young adults, and adults suffering. Depression hits hard, it debilitates one’s goals, and fogs their judgement, making things that were once what brought them enjoyment, and laughter, mere memories.

Some people would rather deny the fact that depression is a serious mental disorder, causing suicidal thoughts and attempts, self harm, self loathing, and a drive to do nothing. In teenagers especially I would say it is most dangerous, as teenagers as a whole are already faced with the dreadful realization that they are on their way to adulthood, going through changes in the mental and physical genre alike.

Self harm is common in teens today, it can range from cutting-mainly wrists, but some do on other body parts that would be less noticeable-to over eating, or not eating at all. As you can imagine these things can cause serious health problems, ranging from minor, to serious injuries that can cause hospitalization.

Instead of adults ignoring the very present threat of depression, teens will grow up not knowing what is wrong with them, more will turn to self harming, illegal activities, and even suicide. Raising awareness in the community could save lives, to tell kids how to deal with it, who to go to, that they’re not alone, and never will be alone, and maybe then we can save lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands. 

Let’s Get Back to Classic Rock

classic rock

This generation-my generation-has lost sight of what real, good quality music is, we or better yet they, are more focused on music that is easy to dance to, or music that talks about partying, drugs, and sex. Being a classic rock fan, I recognize that older music-that is great quality might I add-has more meaning, the lyrics are poems hidden with in rhythms and beats, actual instruments were used, and autotune was not an option, you had to be and have talent something that doesn’t seem to matter in today’s industry, someone with a pretty face can make it anywhere.

Why people have lost sight of the greatest hits ever is astonishing, rock n’ roll was meant to live, and survive the test of time.

The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Bon Jovi, Aero Smith all names of some of the greatest bands and singers ever to come from the music industry, their anthems birthed the new age rock, and are still recognized as hits to this day.

The music of my generation and even pasts generations closer to the 2000’s-the 90s-has gone downhill, with mind numbing lyrics that have no meaning, or feelings behind the words. Songs were originally poetry hidden with in beautiful melodies. Now with lyrics like “she’s got a big booty so I call her big booty” what a lyrical genius two chains is right? Or one of Justin Biebers first hits ‘Baby’ the word ‘Baby’ is said over 50 times, where is the thought, the talent that is needed to make real music?

I feel as if it’s only going to get worse, the stray teen loving classic music, with meaningful lyrics and guitar riffs, and drum solo’s, but most of the coming generations-just as mine-will be brain dead zombies to the music industry and pop culture.

Analysis on Miley Cyrus’ new look.


     I personally think the image above says everything, Miley wanted to get out of her Hannah Montana faze, and that’s a very understandable thing to want. Who would want to be known for their whole life as the sweet little girl that had the best of both worlds? 

in this video ( ) by TheFineBros most of the teens are saying “I miss Hannah” or something along the lines of “where did Hannah go?” she went exactly where she wanted to go, away. 

I personally miss the old Miley not the old Hannah. Hannah Montana was a character that Miley Cyrus got labeled as at a very young age, she was pressured into being a role model, by just trying to become an actress. Disney puts too much pressure on their actors and actresses, as they want them to be perfect when from experience, and any person with common sense can agree that teenage years/young adulthood is the hardest time to be “perfect” and “ideal.” 

   In order to be truly good people, we need to learn from our mistakes, and grow from them, and just because Miley Cyrus is in the public light, with tabloids on her every move doesn’t make it any different. 

    I personally idolize Miley to an extant. Just the fact that she can go through the mistakes many make and be under the pressure of the tabloids, and her fans, and those that aren’t fans is very impressive, I think she proves to be a very strong willed young woman, who will eventually grow out of the faze she’s in, and is someone to look up to in the way of not being afraid to be herself.