Blue Valentine (one persons opinion)



The movie ‘Blue Valentine’ was a beautiful, accurate movie. This movie didn’t portray the simplicity of what we call “romance” movies today, it was blunt, and full forced in its message. This movie provided a real look into real adult relationships, maybe not everyone’s relationship, but I’m sure more people could relate to this than the oh so gorgeous Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook’ with it’s 1940’s themes, and southern bell tales. 

Ryan Gosling did a wonderful job-as per usual-with his role, in the scenes that were more over flashbacks he came off as young and vibrant, someone who was just getting started with life, you then get to him middle aged, a hair line that looks a little too much like Nicolas Cage’s in ‘Raising Arizona.’ He’s lost some of that sparkle that the young him once held onto so dearly, he’s now a drinker, and works small jobs just to pay the bill of the small house he lives in with his daughter and wife. 

Through the movie you see the mistakes that were easily avoidable, the things they could have simply worked on instead of fighting about. 

I believe the movie’s simpler message was love is hard, but in a more complex light it was saying to work on love, because it isn’t always enough, the passion and fire can still be there if you know how to build your own fire, but if you’re stuck out in the wilderness and don’t know how to, there is only one fate that can come to someone. 

Michelle Williams also played her role brilliantly, doing the same with her younger role, and older middle aged role. Through the whole movie-in the parts that were present day-you could tell she wasn’t putting effort into the marriage, she had lost hope in it long ago.

Blue Valentine is a tear jerker if you don’t like seeing Ryan Gosling as an alcoholic who so desperately wants his marriage to work, or if you have a soft spot for relationships falling out, or perhaps if you can just connect with the idea of working on love instead of giving up.

This movie was amazingly directed, and the right actors were picked, it isn’t your typical romance movie, but one that shows what happens after the guy gets his girl.



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